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About the Study

Medical researchers are conducting a study to determine the effectiveness of an investigational implant for individuals with knee pain.

Why Participate?

You may have an option to help improve knee pain after meniscus surgery.


About the Study


After meniscus surgery, many patients still suffer from persisting knee pain that can seriously affect their daily lives. Non-surgical treatment can be helpful in addressing these symptoms. The meniscus implant has been developed as a new treatment alternative for patients with persistent knee pain following meniscus surgery.

This implant mimics the function of the natural meniscus and is made from medical grade polymers. It has been used in Europe since 2008 and is now undergoing a clinical trial in the U.S.

About the Procedure

The meniscus implant will be inserted into your knee through a small incision. You may be allowed to go home the same day or the day after the operation. After surgery you will undergo a six week rehabilitation program. Your physician will explain recommended activities during this period.

How does the study work?

The SUN clinical trial will assess the safety and clinical benefit of the meniscus implant. If you meet the study requirements and agree to enter the trial, you will be offered the implant as your treatment.

The study lasts for 60-months following your initial treatment. During this period you will be seen or contacted frequently by your doctor. At each of the seven study visits over the next 60 month period your doctor will examine your knee, and you will be asked to complete questionnaires describing how you feel about your knee and the quality of your life.

Am I Eligible?

You may be eligible if you:

• Are 30 to 75 years of age
• Are still in pain after your meniscus surgery
• Had meniscus surgery 6 months ago or longer


Why Participate?

There are potential benefits and risks with any medical device and procedure. Trial personnel can speak with you about the benefits and risks.

• You will receive treatment from a specialist in the field of orthopedics.

• Your doctor will be able to carefully monitor your treatment using advanced diagnostic techniques.


Am I Eligible?

Only the Research Trial Staff can fully determine if you qualify to enroll in the study, however answering these 5 questions now can help determine your eligibility.

Am I Eligible?

Only the study doctor can fully determine if you qualify to enroll in the study, but answering these 6 questions now can help determine your eligibility.